Harley Davidson of Somis

Our Golden Boy Harley was born on the 21st of May 1999. His parents are De Scamp of Santa Ynez and Princess Isabellisima. Harley Davidson of Somis is his "offical" name on the AKC registry and is also certified by the OFA. Harley is as handsome as they come, with his beautiful coloring, long coat, and square head and face. He is either proudly strutting around the Ranch like a champion, or taking a leisurely nap in his favorite shade spot. No matter what Harley is doing, he will always take time to share his tender heart and accept all the love he can get. When Harley first came to our family he amazed us all with his intelligence, kindness, and gentle nature.
Harley has a true Golden personallity. At the lake, beach, or pool Harley is always the first one in, and he crusies in the water like an Olympic swimmer. This boy loves to go for rides in the truck and is a wonderful companion. As it turns out on long trips, Harley is the only one who doesn't complain and constantly ask "are we there yet?" As most retrievers do, Harley enjoys chasing balls and sticks, as well as taking walks with us. Having Harley around is like being seen with a celebrity, he is always the center of attention and loves every minute of it. He allows us to meet the nicest people and they always ask the same question, "How can we find one just like him?"    
Montana is the second addition to our family. She has the most beautiful mystical eyes highlighted by a very light silky blond coat. Montana Summer who is AKC registered and OFA certified, was born on November 12, 2001 to Maximillian De La Rosa and C.D. Golden Jessie. Montana is as sweet as sugar and she’ll kiss you till tomorrow. This young goldens true passion is chasing tennis balls. She’ll leap into the water, fly thru the air or play monkey in the middle. Montana is always eager to join in, so we all have a great time together. One thing is for sure you’ll tire out long before she will. Montana’s gentle nature and playfulness lets you know that you are loved and as long as she's around you’ll never be lonely.
Montana Summer
The first litter Montana had was ten beautiful healthy puppies. For the first time she put her tennis balls aside, and took care of her new pups like a champion. “Momma Tana”, as we sometimes call her, overwhelmed us with her ability and compassion while caring for her new puppies. It was one of the most incredible experiences which we will always remember.

Dakota Sky
"Bo" Bodacious Babe
Honey Pie

We would like to introduce three wonderful girls. These young golden retrievers are the talk of the town. Fun doesn’t even begin to describe what these puppies are having. Their up at dawn playing tug of war, chasing balls, and wrestling on the grass 'til noon. Later it is time for a cool dip in the pool before a good hearty lunch, much needed snuggle time, and a well desvered nap. With these little pups once their rested it starts all over agian... it's a dog's life.

Dakota is as gentle, as golden retrievers come. Dakota Sky is a beautiful golden color, resembling light oak. Dakota is very friendly, intelligent, and loves to be pampered. "Kota" is a real team player, whether a great tasting bone has her attention or she’s hanging out in the shade, she will always join right in with us and the other dogs.


Bo will catch your attention immediately with her ultra light coloring. The features on her are breath taking. Bo is the sister of Dakota and has the same pedigree lines as well as similar features. Bo has a wonderful personality and is eager to please. If you get her started on snuggling, expect to be there a while. It’s a secret so don’t tell the other girls... but I think Bo is head over heels in love with Harley.


Honey was born April 22, 2004 and is the youngest golden in our family. Honey, like her name, has a honey blond coat with a nice square head. When you look into Honey's eyes she always gives you a smile and a warm feeling inside. Honey has the special gift of turning the smallest of things into the biggest of toys. When we go on our walks, Honey is always the first one in line and wishes they wouldn't end.